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The Most Amazing Thing Is, I Care

GOEE Private Tutors aims to help children, young adults and mature adults in the area of their education, with a focus on improving their knowledge on specific subjects. I also support and encourage you or your child to think outside the box (be curious) beyond text books and articles. I coach and mentor students on key areas that they can use for life, the aim of which is for them to mature into passionate happy individuals.


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Why My System Is The Best

Children worldwild are learning new concepts everyday. Education is essential for any child, especially in our fast developing world. I mentor and tutor children to be life long learners not just to learn to pass an examination. I help them develop and maintain skills that they can use for life. I use different systems and techniques to support you or your child to achieving your best result. When you choose one of the packages I offer, I do the following below:

  • 1

    Getting to know you

I will ask you what are your main goals?

  • 2

    Determine your learning style

I'll use different approached to determine how best you learn?

  • 3

    Supporting you

I will ask you how would you like to get support?

What parents and students say about me

Our daughter has made significant improvements and gained self-confidence which I am sure will have helped her in the exams through these tutoring efforts and methods used by Gospel. We were all very highly happy with the structured approach to teaching, patience, homework setting, marking and focused help and knowledge given by Gospel to our daughter. In particular I was also impressed with Gospel's punctuality, preparations for the lessons, and knowledge of the subjects which were all to a very high standard. I have no hesitation in recommending Gospel very highly to others like you and wish you all the very best for the future.


Gospel has helped my daughter gain more confidence in maths with her patient and calm way of tutoring.

Helen S, Primary (Up to 11 years) Maths tuition

Gospel has been effective and gentle. Her approach is uncommon and I recommend her unreservedly. My son has only had a few lessons so far but they have been really useful.

Ade M, 10 hours of GCSE or National 3-5 Biology tuition

I cant thank Gospel enough for the help she gave my ten year old daughter, Kayleigh really struggled in year five and gospel worked through her issues giving her the confidence to ask questions and to understand how to break down the maths problem.

Victoria B, Primary (Up to 11 years) Maths tuition

Gospel is a lovely lady, very quiet, calm and polite. She really helped our son with his chemistry gcse although we only managed to get approx 6 sessions in as we left it all to the last minute! Luke felt it really helped him understand the subject more! Many thanks

Julie P. , GCSE or National 3-5 Chemistry tuition

Gospel, Kirsty cannot be the easiest student to tutor as her attention span for subjects she finds hard is noticeably shorter than for those she feels she is good at. Since you started tutoring Kirsty we have noticed a marked improvement in her attitude to maths. Whilst we can only judge at first hand from how she completes her homework, we sense that she is gaining confidence by realising that she does have some knowledge in the subject. It is clear that your approach is methodical and that each session concentrates on a particular subject. We feel this approach suits Kirsty as it means she can focus on the maths principle you are looking at each week which reinforces her school education without her realising it.

We appreciate that It is early days and Kirsty's knowledge is weaker in some areas, but we are hoping that your proven ability to help her focus and understand the principles and methods will result in her achieving a higher GCSE mark than would otherwise be the case. We know that Kirsty's main aim is to get a grade C to assist her to get into sixth form, but we feel that it is also important for her to improve her understanding of maths in general for when she leaves school, and we feel that you are helping her in this.

Conal O, GCSE or National 3-5 Maths tuition